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Claudine Botte-Lecocq

c.lecocq cl

claudine [dot] lecocq [at] univ-lille1.fr

Associate Professor in the Polytech’Lille engineering school of Lille 1 University.

Researcher in the Signal & Image team of LAGIS, UMR CNRS 8219.

Phone: +33 3 28 76 73 34, fax: +33 3 28 76 73 01


This post is also available in Français.

Claudine Botte-Lecocq, publications

This post is also available in Français.

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Claudine Botte-Lecocq, research

Since 2007, I am focusing my research on developing Brain Computer Interfaces (BCI) aiming at helping patients with severe motor disabilities to communicate and to control devices. Before 2007, I have mainly aimed at developing mode detection techniques based on mathematical morphology for pattern recognition. Brain Computer Interfaces In a BCI, brain activity is measured …

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Claudine Botte-Lecocq, responsibilities

Main responsibilities Responsible of International Relationships of IMA department at Polytech’Lille, since 2007 Manager of educational program of IMA department at Polytech’Lille for 4 years Appointed member in the section 61 of the National Council of the Universities This post is also available in Français.

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Claudine Botte-Lecocq, supervision

PhD theses 2000-2004, Aymeric GILLET « Mode Detection by fuzzy morphological operators for color image segmentation », 50% co-supervision with J.-G. Postaire (PR at LAGIS, Lille 1), defended on 17/12/2004. Committee (not including supervisors): Pierre Bonton (reviewer), Pierre Gouton (reviewer), Isabelle Bloch (examiner), Ludovic Macaire (examiner). 1996-2000, Sandrine TURPIN-DHILLY « Adaptation des outils de la …

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Claudine Botte-Lecocq, teaching

Master’s degree in engineering – IMA Department – Polytech’Lille IMA3 – UE5-2 – Digital Logic and Microprocessor Design IMA3 – UE6-2 – Microprocessor and its Application IMA4 – UE7-3 – Sensors and discrete event driven systems IMA4 – UE8-1 – Supervision of projects and assistant engineer placements IMA4 – UE 8-3 – Autonomous Systems section …

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