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François Cabestaing

cabestaing la-raoul

francois [dot] cabestaing [at] univ-lille1.fr

Professor in the Mechanical Engineering department of IUT A, Lille 1 University.

Researcher in the Signal & Image team of LAGIS, UMR CNRS 8219.

Phone: +33 3 20 43 42 88, fax: +33 3 20 43 65 67


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François Cabestaing, publications

Research turns money into

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François Cabestaing, research

Since 2004, I have been working toward developing brain-computer interfaces for the compensation of severe motor disabilities. Before that, during almost 10 years, I have developed techniques for processing and analyzing image sequences and pairs of stereoscopic images. Brain-machine interfaces My first research axis, followed in collaboration with Marie-Hélène Bekaert and Claudine Lecocq, concerns ergonomy …

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Francois Cabestaing, responsibilities

Current responsibilities Elected member of IUT A board since 2011. Elected member of IFRATH board and of its executive board since 2006. Appointed member of Club EEA board since 2013. Co-responsible of the Image, Vision, Interaction Master for ASE track since 2010. Former responsibilities Head of the Vision & Image team of LAGIS, from January …

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François Cabestaing, supervision

PhD theses 2013-, Alban Duprès “Gestion des données multimodales dans une interface cerveau-machine hybride”, 50% co-supervision with José Rouillard (MCF at LIFL, Lille 1). 2006-2010, Hachem Halawana “Partial demosaicing of CFA images for stereo matching”, 50% co-supervision with Ludovic Macaire (PR at LAGIS, Lille 1), defended on 14/12/2010. Committee (not including supervisors): Denis Hamad (committee …

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François Cabestaing, teaching

Postgraduate level Master 2, Image, Vision, Interaction, Fall term, M3DA course: 3D modeling, camera calibration, stereovision Master 1, Computer Science and ASE, Winter term, RdF course: pattern recognition Master 1, Computer Science and ASE, Winter term, TI course: image processing Master 1, Computer Science and ASE, Fall term, PjE: supervised project Undergraduate level, BS EEA …

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