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Marie-Hélène Bekaert

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marie-helene [dot] bekaert [at] univ-lille1.fr

Associate Professor in the Computer Science and Electrical Engineering department of Lille 1 University.

Researcher in the Signal & Image team of LAGIS, UMR CNRS 8219.

Phone: +33 3 20 33 63 04, fax: +33 3 20 33 63 04


This post is also available in Français.

Marie-Hélène Bekaert, publications

This post is also available in Français.

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Marie-Hélène Bekaert, research

Our laboratory has been working for many years on disability palliation ( for visual, auditory or motor disability) dedicated via Human Machine Interface (HMI). I’m working on Brain-Computer Interfaces (BCIs) for motor disability palliation since 2007. I am involved in several research areas: User-centered design of adaptive BCIs: To make sure that the palliation tool …

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Marie-Hélène Bekaert, responsibilities

Current responsibilities President of the “Validation of Professionnal Skills Committee” (since 1998). President of the Jury for Validation of Acquired Skills (VAS) (since 2003). Former responsibilities Member of the “Studies and Degrees Validation Committee” for Computer Sciences and Electrical Engineering (from 1996 to 2011) Responsible for practical training periods, Master ASE, Information Systems for Industry …

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Marie-Hélène Bekaert, supervision

PhD theses 2006-2010, Firstname Lastname “Thesis title”, 50% co-supervision with …. (PR at LAGIS, Lille 1), defended on 14/12/2010. Committee (not including supervisors): Firstname Lastname (committee president), xxx xxx (reviewer), yyy yyy (reviewer), zzz zzz (examiner). This post is also available in Français.

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Marie-Hélène Bekaert, teaching

Postgraduate level Master 2, Génie des Systèmes Industriels, Winter term, Industrial Computing track, course: Industrial Software Engineering 4 Master 2, Génie des Systèmes Industriels, Fall term, Dual Competency In Industrial Computing track, course: Microcomputer Initiation Master 2, Systèmes, Machines Autonomes et Réseaux de Terrain, Winter term, course: Software Engineering 2 Undergraduate level, BS EEA major, …

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Phd Thesis 2016

Brain-Computer Interfaces and schizophrenia: new therapeutic approaches? The deadline for sending applications was April 18th 2016. Summary During this thesis, we will assess the potential contribution of “brain-computer interfaces” for the treatment of negative symptoms of schizophrenia, including memory disorders, lack of concentration and orientation in space. Keywords BCI (brain-computer interface), neurofeedback, schizophrenia, auditory verbal …

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